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Diagnostic Services


Mammography is an X-ray procedure that creates an image of the breast. Wearing a two piece outfit to your appointment is preferable so that the top can be easily removed for the mammogram. Please avoid powders, lotions or deodorant which may impair the reading of the film.

Though mammography is virtually painless, some women will experience brief, mild discomfort during breast compression. The test will take approximately 15 minutes. If you experience discomfort in your breast prior to your menstrual period, please do not schedule your mammogram during this time. Learn More

Pancreatic Screening

This screening is used to detect pancreatic cancer. Using an ultrasound, the pancreatic duct, where 99% of pancreatic cancers originate, is targeted. The duct is then checked for any signs of blockage or dilation, which could potentially indicate cancer. This method was instrumental in Dr. Hixson detecting and surviving his own cancer. The screening is non-invasive and costs less than $100. Learn More

Bone Density Testing (Osteoporosis)

This is a non-invasive test to evaluate the bone mineral content and density of your spine and hips using an extremely low dose of radiation. The procedure takes about 15 minutes with the patient lying flat on a cushioned table.

If possible on the day of appointment wear clothing with no metal snaps, buttons, or zippers. This procedure requires a prescription from your physician as he is checking for any loss of bone mass that increases your risk of fractures. Typically this procedure is performed every other year.

Ultrasound evaluation

Ultrasound evaluations of your baby, pelvis, abdomen, thyroid, gallbladder, or breast are performed as ordered by your physician. A registered technologist will do your examination and the results will be evaluated by a radiologist. Your physician will receive a report within a few days.

If you are having an ultrasound of the abdomen or gallbladder, you cannot eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the examination. If you are having an ultrasound of the pelvis, you must come with a full bladder (drink 32 oz prior to arrival).

Incontinence Study (Urodynamics)

This test is to evaluate any problems you may be experiencing with your bladder. The test is performed by a nurse who will be with you during the procedure. You will be asked to complete a series of resting and straining sessions during the approximate 45 minute procedure. With the help of a computer a sensor is used to read your electrical activity in the muscles which control the urine flow.

Please arrive with a full bladder if possible. Otherwise the necessary filling of bladder will be done on site. This procedure requires an order from your physician.